Airbnb Design Services

Airbnb‘s are becoming the way of the future & when you have a large family like myself, it makes sense to stay at one. For us traveling meant purchasing two hotel rooms and doubling the price every time we went somewhere. My husband and I got to the point to where we just stopped traveling while our kids were young, then we found Airbnb’s.   The cost to stay overnight somewhere was literally half the price & we were all able to stay together. 
Once I started looking into the money made off of Airbnb’s it dawned on me, why don’t I create one? I’m a designer so why not create a one-of-a-kind unique Airbnb that can be rented out for photo shoots or overnight stays. Check out my Airbnb @modretroinn.
Most people that are in the rental home game get enough to cover their mortgage, insurance and have a little extra to keep in an account for maintenance purposes. Yes, you’re getting your mortgage paid for by someone else but why not make additional income for yourself in the process? This is where Airbnb’s come into place.
There is actually a lot that goes into fully furnishing a house to make it desirable for guests. You’re not only having to come up with an amazing design but you have to think of your guests needs as well.
One part of my job is the design and aesthetic side and the other part of my job is being a personal shopper to make sure the home is filled properly with all the essential needs for anyone staying there.
Therefore, airbnb design is a two fold process. There are a lot of things to think about like purchasing double the linens, the right amount of bath towels, do you need a washer and dryer, how should I stock my kitchen. The list goes on. This is not a cheap endeavor to fill up an entire house. You also want to do it fast and efficiently. Having someone that has done this before knows time is money!
This is where I come in. I am now incorporating into my design company a full-service Airbnb package. If you have rental homes or even a second home and are thinking about converting them into an Airbnb make sure to check out this link. How to Make $ With Airbnb.
First things first, I will set up a consult to check out the home you’re wanting to convert into an Airbnb. The overall price will be determined by size and to what extent you are willing to put into it. Please keep in mind, the average cost to fill an entire room is around 5K. You will also want to add extra amenities for your customers to make sure you get top dollar and keep it fully booked. 

My initial consultations are 1 hour & free if you live within the Oklahoma City Metro. Please do not hesitate to contact my office at 405-697-0006 for any other questions. You are also welcome to schedule a consult with me directly by filling out the form below.