About Cherami Thomas

I'm Cherami Thomas, Founder of Urban Farmhouse, Urban Threads (clothing store) & Cherami Thomas Designs.  I started out loving Design at an extremely young age. I would set around my house at the age of five and cut out items from a JCPenney’s catalog and create entire rooms for the house I someday planned to have. Little did I know, I was technically creating (tear sheets) which I would later learn was an essential part of interior design. I can't say everything for me starts off looking fancy. I usually come up with a design in my head and need to get it sketched onto paper before I loose it.  Most of the time I use whatever is available like a napkin or note pad.  Then that quick sketch on notebook paper turns into this below. 


 As a young child I grew up in the country playing in the woods, digging in the dirt and I could ride a motorcycle before I could even ride my first bicycle. I then moved to the city. I feel that’s where my eclectic blend of modern and rustic design met. 

When people ask me what my design style is I explain to them that it really depends on my mood for that day. There are so many amazing designs out there that how could you just pick one? On top of that, I design for others not just myself so I have to take that into consideration. You name it, I can design it.  Just like this funky Mid Century Modern home.

I started out at the University of Oklahoma for elementary education. After doing some soul-searching, I realized that although I love children and couldn’t wait to have a brood of my own my ultimate passion always has been and still is, design.

 I decided to switch to interior architecture during my sophomore year. In college, I met my husband Jason (on a blind date) and we ended up getting married our senior year.  We had our first child, Saxon, while still in college. He is now 18, Ashton 15, Tatum 11 & Ryker 9. Yes, we have 4 of them!

Our son was only six months old when we both graduated from the University of Oklahoma. My husband and I started flipping houses when we were first married.  Since he had a background in construction and I had one in design. It seemed the only natural thing to do at the time.  From there, my husband and I have always been a great fit. It seems to be what I like to call the "Yin and Yang." 

He helps me with the construction and getting my projects completed and I work on the design side.  Jason has always been my biggest cheerleader.  With his encouragement, the concept of Cherami Thomas Designs was born.  

P.S. As much as I'd like an About Me Page with beautiful black and white photos and perfect before and afters I felt like showing you what my life is really like with crumpled sketches and family photos. Follow me @Cherami_Thomas to see new design projects and crazy Thomas Family fun!