Mom's Easter Basket

With our crazy and hectic lives, we barely have time to run to the store and grab our kiddos a cheap Easter basket to fill with all kinds of sugary treats for them to blow through in ten seconds flat.

This year while you're running to the store with your hair all frazzled and secretly grabbing a bag of Reese's eggs for yourself, why don't you grab a few things to create your very own Easter basket, mom?! Follow these simple steps and this little basket will keep you smiling all spring long, no matter how busy you are.



1 Wicker Basket

1 Plastic Bag

2 Packages of Moss

1 Package of Plastic Easter Eggs

Garden Shears

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Enough Plants to Fill Your Basket (Varies Depending on Basket Size)


Flower & Plant Suggestions for Spring:









Your first step will be to cover your wicker basket in moss. Ours was already covered in moss when we shot this blog because, truthfully, we used it last year! And you will be able to do the same. So, we took our hot glue and just started covering the entire basket in moss until we were satisfied with the end result.


Second, and very importantly, cover the bottom of your basket with the plastic bag. You can tear it and shape it as needed. This will allow you to water your basket without the water running all over your table top! Do not use the hot glue as that will cause it to melt and may leave holes. 


Next, place your flowers and succulents! You can take them out of their pots or you can leave them. Either way is completely up to you! Fit them all into the basket close and as snug as possible to avoid empty blank spots in your arrangement.


Cherami used the smaller plants and succulents out of their pots to fill in the larger holes and make the arrangement more full.


Take some moss and fill in the extra space between flowers so that you are left with a  completely green and full arrangement. The more flowers and moss, the better! Lastly, and our very favorite part, throw some of those cute, little, classic Easter eggs on top to make your arrangement complete and festive. 



Don't you just love Easter? Now, just sit back, eat a bag of chocolate and pat yourself on the back, mom. You're the bomb.

At the end of the season, just toss your plants or plant them in the ground and put your basket up in storage for next spring. Recycle and reuse - Right?



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