Cherami's 5 Farmhouse Christmas Tips!

5. Always mix something old with something new.  Use an old wooden crate and simply add a small cedar tree (fake or not) or find an old sleigh to put on your kitchen island with clear jars full of treats for your guests.


4. For a great coffee tablescape, grab an Urban Farmhouse Tulip Crate.  Add old books, your favorite candle, a metal bucket with cedar in it and then pop a few ornaments on the top.  If you want to add height grab one of your existing Holiday decorations and - Wala! You have a simple Farmhouse Christmas Look.


3. Old dough bowls are perfect year round for a farmhouse tablescape. You can change out what's in it depending on the season.  I love to add cedar and ornaments to mine during the holidays. You can get an Antique Turkish Dough Bowl right here


2.  If you don't have a fireplace, don't worry! Hang your stockings from an old wooden ladder. Repurpose the ladder during the spring and summer to store cozy blankets. Get your very own blanket ladder here.


1. For a Farmhouse Christmas look put your tree in a wooden box, metal tub or even an Antique Olive Bucket.

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